Building the Neighbourhood
Building the Neighbourhood

Building the Neighbourhood


Central North Albury 1920-1950


Situated on the Murray River, Albury is the major border crossing between NSW and Victoria. In the early 1920s, the farms and grazing lands on the town’s northern outskirts began to develop. Over the next three decades the pioneers of North Albury were joined by new residents who built family homes and fostered all those activities that make a thriving community.

Jan Hunter, whose father built 42 of the new houses in North Albury, is uniquely placed to write about the development of the neighbourhood.  An enthusiastic historian whose roots are in the area, she draws on official and newspaper records, family photographs and documents, and most importantly, on interviews with members of two generations who lived and worked, played and prayed in North Albury between 1920 and 1950.

This is an important regional history.

Author: Jan Hunter

ISBN: 978 09803147 5 5


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