Death Between the Lines
Death Between the Lines

Death Between the Lines


A gripping story set in an era the author knows thoroughly.


Within twenty minutes three folders arrived on his desk. Pymble stared at their labels…..

Looking inside the covers he noticed that a different Inspector in the CIB had handled each case. Clearly no link had ever been made among the three….

On Anzac Day 1930, Inspector Rex Pymble decided on a whim to join in the Sydney Parade. He had never before marched. His short duty as a Provost in France in August 1918 investigating suspected fraud in a regiment’s mess account had ended in a catastrophe which had returned him, wounded, to England, and thence home and to a resumption of his career in the NSW police.

Anzac Day 1930, however, leads, almost by accident to the re-opening of the original case and to the solution of a chain of other matters (including murders) which just needed to be linked.

Ian Grant, headmaster and military historian, writes a gripping story – a page-turner, set in an era which he knows thoroughly.

Author:  Ian Grant

ISBN: 978 0 9803147 7 9


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