Bonegilla's Beginnings

Bonegilla's Beginnings


A history of Bonegilla on the Murray River


Bonegilla is the ‘deep waterhole’ on the Murray river. First it was a resource-rich tribal country, then came the explorers and the squatters and the mixed farmers and the Australian Army – a procession of occupants for over 100 years.

Arthur Calwell, Australia’s first Minister for immigration changed Bonegill again in 1947 and mde it the first Australian home for 320,000 migrants mostly from war-ravished Europe.

Ann Tündern-Smith is the first of the Australian-born children who resulted from Calwell’s pioneedion post-war population programs. Her mother was one of the Estonians selected for the ‘General Stewart Hentzelman’ which brought the first Displaced Persons here in November 1947.

For more than a decade the author has researched and written about the importance of the Heintzelman arrival and the lives that its passengers found in Australia.

This is a significant addition to our understanding of the development of the ‘new’ Australia which followed the end of World War II.

Author: Ann Tündern-Smith

ISBN: 978 09803147 6 2


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