Midwifery in China
Midwifery in China

Midwifery in China


Midwifery practices from Beijing to Yangshuo to Shanghai.




An indefatigable investigator of midwifery practice throughout the world, and a tireless worker formaternal and child welfare, Dr Mavis Gaff-Smith continued her research in China in late 2013.

Part of a small group of fellow professionals mostly from the UK, as well as visiting the  major tourist attractions, she was given access to a wide range of maternity units and child care facilities and saw at firsthand how one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing populations deals with the challenges it faces in spite of, and sometimes because of, the One Child policy.

Join Mavis Gaff-Smith in China. See the things that she sees from Beijing to Yangshuo to Shanghai, meet the people that she meets from the administrators of maternity units catering to the rising moneyed class to the former ‘Barefoot Doctor’ who works providing primary health care in a rural village.

Author: Mavis Gaff-Smith

ISBN: 978 0 9875224 8 1


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