Midwifery At Crow City
Midwifery At Crow City

Midwifery At Crow City


A History of Midwifery at Crow City, Australia


Crow City, Australia, is a large inland city between the mountains and the plains. Between the Maternity Units at the public and the private hospitals there are about 1500 births each year in Crow City. On any one shift, themidwives of Crow City never know who is going to walk, be wheel-chaired or trolleyed through the door.

Humour often carries them through the drama of emergencies and the plain hard work of long shifts.

Dr Mavis Gaff-Smith has worked in midwifery at Crow City for more than twenty ears. She records the triumphs and the tragedies, the laughter and the tears of a vocation in which unpredictable today folls unpredicted yesterday - and who know what tomorrow will bring.

Cartoons by former Crow City midwife, Heather Oates, capture the light-hearted mood.


Author: Mavis Gaff-Smith

ISBN: 978 0 9875224 3 6

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